Add-ons & Fees

Support and update contract = Mon-Fri – 09:00-17:00

15% of modules

Add-ons & Fees

Azure costs per channel including traffic, OS disc, Virtual machine & web applications

Pay as you go – €116

AoIP software incl. silence detection

Approx. €195 one time fee

Extra storage

€10 per 64GB

Streaming to CDN (indication)


Extra concurrent users


VPN to cloud


Upon Request

Support and updates = Mon-Fri : 09:00-22:00


Database migration

Customized solutions

Web based licence portal for dealers available

Encoding in AAC or MP3 only.
Add-on possibilities are: HLS, MPEG DASH or PCM

Integration available other solutions: Visual Radio, Radio Manager and Media Management

API for Music Master Synchronisation
(excluding Music Master license)

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