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With the addition of social media, mobile apps, streaming services and artificial intelligence, producing qualitative content has become a costly business. The traditional back-end doesn’t allow an optimal connection to your fans anymore, nor does it give you the flexibility you need to keep up with market needs or changing technology. By the time you have bought new hardware, learned how to use it and trained your personnel, it is already out of date and in need of replacement.

SmartRadio was built to tailor for these changing needs. We have used our 40+ years of broadcast experience, sought out the best partners and used your amazing feedback (NAB, Radiodays, IBC among others) to offer you the newest technology from a cloud based environment. With modular, pay-as-you-go fees, there is no need to buy expensive hardware or invest heavily in training courses for your team.

You only pay for the modules that you need and profit from contract negotiations that we have already carried out for you.

Our cloud based technology allows you to create, edit and share your content from anywhere with a decent internet connection. On a train? In the back of your friend’s car? On a terrace? On the beach? Just log in to the web-based platform and start importing tracks, editing your playlists, producing your show or analysing your listening data.

This not only reduces the need to commute, but also reduces your carbon footprint whilst offering more time for other things at work or in life.

Our modules offer you all kinds of interesting insights to let you know your performance levels. Where are your fans, what are they watching or listening to? At what times your content, for how long and from which device.