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Broadcast Partners and Orban have been working together for years, supplying and supporting Orban modulation-processing products. During the development of SmartRadio, we worked together to create an innovative, 100% cloud based solution. As a result of this, we are proud to present our new product, Smart Processing to you

Smart Processing is a cloud-and web-based product that delivers perfect modulation processing, based on the famous Orban algorithms. Smart Processing is the answer to the questions regarding flexibility, scalability and the future of audio modulation. It is a cloud based, as a service solution that allows you to create your own unique sound from your computer, with the familiar Orban DNA that you’re used to. It is available as a monthly service which can be prolonged or cancelled at will.   

Simply connect your audio source to Smart Processing with AoIP software and log in to your Chrome browser. There, you will discover the clear interface that is enjoyed by thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. You can change all of your settings manually in order to create your sound, or simply select one of the many fantastic presets. The newest streaming protocols then allow you to deliver your audio to your desired platforms, such as your DAB+ transmitter or Content Delivery Platform.

It was designed for digital- radio and web-radio, but can be used in various other manners.  

There are three versions to chose from, Basic, Medium and High-end (details of which can be found below). It can be installed in all kinds of cloud environments, either public or private. If you would like to know the requirements for Smart Processing, request a demo or have any other questions, please let us know on

Smart Processing is part of SmartRadio, the most advanced radio as a service platform in the cloud!

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