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SmartRadio wins the Best of Show Awards on IBC 2019 – From the category ‘Radio Solutions’


From the 13th till the 17th of September, Broadcast Partners was present at the IBC 2019 in the RAI in Amsterdam. During this event, Broadcast Partners won the ‘Best of Show Award’ in the category ‘Radio Solutions’.
This award was given by the editors of the magazine ‘Radio World International’.

All nominees got judged on different area’s such as quality, relevance within the sector, design, innovation, technical excellence and cost-efficiency.

TOPradio starts using RadioManager via Broadcast Partners

Last summer, TOPradio chose to collaborate with Broadcast Partners, to integrate Radio Manager in their daily workflow.

“At TOPradio, we’re very happy to manage our content with Pluxbox Radiomanager in collaboration with Broadcast Partners. An important advantage is the direct link between Radiomanager and our automation, AerOn Studio. Pluxbox Radiomanager will not only be used as a daily worktool for producers and presenters.
The system now also controls the programmation and playlist through the brand-new website:“.
  – “Bram Vanhee, Presenter TOPradio”

“RadioManager is the obvious choice to automate a modern production-environment. This is the reason why we integrated this in AerOn, as well as in SmartRadio. It’s awesome to see the collaboration between Pluxbox, Broadcast Partners and TOPradio. Not only did they develop the great functionality of RadioManager, but they also created some custom-tailored new functions.
–  “Edward Hotchkin, Sales Manager Broadcast Partners”



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