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 Cloud Based

 Data Driven

Smart Production

Smart Database

The Smart Database can be used for the radio playout process. In addition, information from the Smart Database can also be used to publish in multiple places. For example on a website or on social media. In the Smart Database it is possible to add new items or music in a very user-friendly way. A web-based drag and drop folder imports all formats of audio smoothly and quickly. In addition, it is possible to add and edit all relevant metadata. An HTML based metadata editor is available for this in the Smart Database.

Smart Items

The Smart Item Browser displays all available information from the database clearly and in great detail. Divided into various categories and easily adaptable and arranged to personal wishes. In this way it is possible to search on all cloud-based items in a relatively simple way. In a user-friendly way, it is possible to move categories by using drag and drop.

Smart Radio Scheduler

Use the Smart Radio Scheduler to fine-tune the format of your radio station on all components. Detailed information of the planned items is visible. The Smart Radio Scheduler can also be used to schedule incoming feeds, for example for edition- and or location broadcasts. The Format planner allows a smooth integration with Music Master software.

Smart Playlist

The Smart Playlist shows each item in a clear manner. In the Smart Playlist, it is possible to open each hour’s planning. Here, it is also possible to voicetrack at any given moment, in any scheduled hour.

Smart Player

The Smart Player is a cloud-based radio playout. It is easily possible to add individual items to the Smart Player. The operation of this Smart Player is completely web-based, available in the Chrome browser on every platform and is very user-friendly.

Smart Live Player

The Smart Live Player is the newest addition to the platform. The Smart Live Player is ready for live assist. It works with 2 cart decks and shows you the most important metadata. It is ready for modern AoIP protocols. Smart Live Player is built for use in private cloud environments.

Smart Commercial Scheduler

Create and schedule your campaigns with our brand new commercial scheduler.

Smart Scheduler

With the Smart Scheduler, you can customise your channel format, access detailed information about scheduled items and plan external streams.

Smart Publication

Smart Publication

Smart Publication offers a modern and innovative publication platform for audio and video applications. With adaptive streaming, transcoding for any device or operating system. Smart Publication provides detailed insight into analysis through statistics on, for example, reach. Smart Production provides for the publication of live audio and video streams, but also for audio and video on-demand. For example, replaying missed broadcast.
It is possible to use your own personalized player where elements of the logo become visible in the player, for example.

Smart Processing

SmartRadio introduces world-class cloud-based modulation processing in various variants. Use the number one processing brand and easily adjust web-based all parameters in the field of leveling, compression and other elements. Realize your own unique sound online. This product is also standalone cloud-and web based available outside of SmartRadio.

Smart DAB + aXemble

SmartRadio introduces a DAB + headend in a software-as-a-service solution for encoding and multiplexing all types of signals or streams for DAB + broadcasts. In a complete solution in the field of current preconditions such as, for example, encoding algorithms and DLS / SLS functionality. User-friendly and easy to set up through a web-based user environment. Managing your own DAB + multiplex is possible. In the SmartRadio environment it is possible to create a cloud-based radio station, to provide it with audio processing and then to put it on a multiplex as a result.

Smart Production

For Smart Production, use the integrated version of Radiomanager for multichannel production of your brand. The Radiomanager scenario synchronizes smoothly with all information in the Smart Database and with the Smart Player. Thanks to this integration, publishing in a relatively simple way is possible on multiple platforms. All information that is desired in the production environment of a radio station is processed in a digital rundown, making it possible to use this information on multiple channels in a relatively simple but especially efficient way. Radiomanager is the tool to use all this information for example on Smart Publication, Smart Visual Radio, but also on EPG functions, DAB + slideshows, Facebook, Soundcloud or for Radio DNS.

Smart Digi Pluggen

SmartRadio, in collaboration with Digi Pluggen, offers all new available new music every week directly from the music industry, as a service, available. Including all metadata. Only available in the Netherlands. Smart Digi Pluggen offers music in various categories, and makes various types of file formats available MP3, MP4 or WAV files.

Smart Media Management

Smart Media Management is a cloud and web-based module for multichannel media companies and is available in various variants. View all incoming news feeds and other sources. Assign a news story to a producer or reporter, watch a preview of material, organize your rundowns for radio and TV or make a story that is published on various online platforms. Smart Media Management has access to the Smart Database so that all audio and video content including metadata is always available at any location.

Smart Visual Radio

Smart Visual Radio is a complete and smart solution in the field of Visual Radio. This makes it relatively easy to add video content to audio content. The solution consists of a 100% automated system which through built-in automatic intelligence understands how a DJ, presenter or guest can be followed in a live broadcast. Produce a video item for online in a relatively simple way. Integration with Smart Production via Radiomanager is possible, making multichannel production possible in an efficient manner. In existing studio environments, integration with audio mixing desks is possible, for example with LAWO, DHD and Axia.

Smart Tools

Smart Analytics

Smart Analytics provides deep data analysis of published content. Makes it possible to provide insight into the production process in various areas. Measures relevance or reach and provides insight into how the information is valued by the public. Consultancy and advice will provide detailed insights and advice based on the data obtained. This makes it possible to remain relevant for your online audience or, for example, to achieve certain strategic goals. Smart Analytics provides detailed strategic information for a chief editor, station manager or commercial manager and thereby introduces data-driven production processes.

Smart Speech to Text

Automatic voice recognition in Smart Speech to Text turns all of your spoken word into text files. This service allows you to index all of your content as a batch or in real time. All words are marked with a timestamp in order to make finding them for future reference, much easier. This software uses encryption and does not store your personal information after creating the desired files. We manage the content, return the text files to you and delete it from our servers. This allows you to index everything quickly, easily and in a safe manner.