From automated radio to SmartRadio


 Cloud Based

 Data Driven

Transition proces

Media companies change in transition processes that they respond to working from brand and content experience. However, the traditional technical backend means that media companies are no longer able to maintain optimal contact with their target group. In an increasing rate, their target group is taking the content online. People and (financial) resources are often missing to make a smooth transition possible.


SmartRadio is a platform, ‘radio as a service’, and consists of various components. Together, they form a modern production environment.
From beginning to end. It provides answers to changing questions from the consumer and commercial markets. Technological developments make renewed acquaintance with the public possible. The ‘smart’ element is made concrete. It is possible to add elements, personalized wishes in the field of content and commerce. Every media company can purchase the required functionality through a licensing model, modular in structure.


In the platform, players are brought into contact with each other on various levels. Companies are often focused on developing one product and do not focus on the entire chain. SmartRadio brings the best of these worlds together and offers this as service.


New Sales Oppurtunities

Smart Solutions offers new insights and sale opportunities

Managing your radiostation in the cloud

– Accessible everywhere
– User-friendly
– Modular
– Flexible
– Montly terminable

One Screen Management

Have control over every facet of a radiostation through your screen

Audio toevoegen aan bestaand mediaportfolio

Audio is a medium that is loved worldwide.
Add audio to your website, app, waiting room, showroom, stadium, event or restaurant.

This can be achieved as backgroundmusic, non-stop radiochannel or a complete radiostation including news, weather forecast en radio-hosts.